Frequently Asked Questions

July 4, 2014

Do I need to have XML-RPC enabled?

Yes, XML-RPC must be enabled for WooView to function. XML-RPC functionality is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5.

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June 13, 2014

Will customer notifications be sent via WooView?

Customer notifications will continue to function as setup in WooCommerce. Any changes made to an order status or adding a “public” order note via WooView will function as if they were actions preformed from your WooCommerce admin backend.

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June 8, 2014

What WordPress and Woocommerce versions do I need?

Inorder to user WooView we require that you be running minimum versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Below are the requirements… WordPress version 3.5 or later WooCommerce version 2.0 or later If you are running older versions then our minimum requirements we are sorry for the inconvenience but we highly recommend you upgrade.

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